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Enameled Wire - Tips

Enameled Wire - Handling Instructions

  • Do not store enamel wire without the carton box.
  • Do not store enamel wire upside down. Always keep it at upright position.
  • Do not transfer the wire carton by carton down from the truck. Use a proper equipment to transfer the wires.
  • Do not stack the wires too high during transportation. Only two layers are recommended. Use layer pads to stack the wires and put the wires on pallets.
  • Lift the wires out straight from the carton boxes for removal. Do not slant that can cause dent marks on the wires.
  • Do not leave the wire end loose. Keep the tail tied at all time.
  • We recommend the use of whiskering to unwind the wires, using the wires without whiskering may cause the wire to kink and entangle.

    Enameled Wire - In Usage

    Minimize the elongation of the wire during coiling.

    Enameled Wire - In Storage

    Please keep the wire and the coil in proper storage to avoid contaminants like metal powder. Exposure to moisture and sunlight should also be avoided.

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